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To improve customer knowledge, Nokia presents WiFi router Beacon 1. It is quietly introduced by Nokia with its recent Wi-Fi mesh router.While With AC1200 rates and 2-gigabit Ethernet interfaces the device promotes 802.11 k / v dual band Wi-Fi.

A single Beacon 1 router is approximate to span 140 square meters, but its main characteristic is certainly its grid base where you can seamlessly hang three of them up to 420 square meters (4500 sq. metres) to reach even bigger regions.

Nokia presents WiFi router
For optimum network functioning, the router can additionally mix 2.4GHz, 5GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Nokia also offers its Wi-Fi tool for device management.You can receive a heat map and a catalog of linked appliances for solving dead zones from there. A Beacon 1 Multi Pack function enables the installation of only one of the routers, while the others are automatically built up and connected.
The router Beacon 1 costs $129 and the tripack is valued at $299. Amazon already has both variants available.

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