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Oppo A5s- Is Packed with Helio 35 Chopset

Oppo A5s

Oppo A5s- Is Packed with Helio 35 Chopset Chinese brand Oppo launches its A5s after A7 that was launched back in November last year. This upcoming handset seems to be unpacked with only a few changes regarding the specs. Oppo A5s will make its debut with the following specs. Its dimensions will be 155.9 mm x 75.4 mm x 8.2 mm along with a slight light weight of 170 grams.

OPPO F11 Pro - Speed Up Your Games!

Oppo F11 Pro

OPPO F11 Pro – Speed Up Your Games! OPPO has begun manufacturing of F11 Pro which is also a high end mid range device and it is going to come with its other sibling as a improved version of that smartphone. OPPO F11 Pro is not the first one from this family but before this new smartphone this brand has already launched many famous devices which has made this brand

OPPO F11- Its Time To Change Camera Zoom!

Oppo F11

OPPO F11- Its Time To Change Camera Zoom! Quality conscious OPPO bringing new F11 as their new mid range device which is a successor to last year’s mid ranger series which has made this brand famous. This new addition named OPPO F11 is bringing some special features and it seems that camera is the first thing which is going to get treatment with its zooming technology. If we talk about

OPPO A3s 3GB - Speed Up With Faster RAM!

Oppo A3s 3GB

OPPO A3s 3GB – Speed Up With Faster RAM! OPPO is going to introduce A3s 3GB variant which is going to hit the market soon and this new variant is more powerful because RAM of this smartphone will get an extra gig that will make the OPPO A3s 3GB more efficient while running different applications and with such power you can run heavy graphics games quite easily. Extra gig of

OPPO A7 - Bringing New Phones Back To Back!

Oppo A7

OPPO A7 – Bringing New Phones Back To Back! Once again OPPO brought the A7 to the table with some big modifications in specs. We have seen A5 with our eyes that such an amazing phone with nice design is making good progress and now OPPO A7 came in news where all of its specifications are there showing that what you will get in this phone. This phone is gonna

Realme 2 Pro - Better Speed With Improved Design!

Oppo Realme 2 Pro

Realme 2 Pro – Better Speed With Improved Design! Realme is making entry with 2 Pro which is beginning of new brand in Pakistani market and it is going to do a big upset for its rival brands in Pakistan. Price of this smartphone named Realme 2 Pro is not too much high and peoples with limited budget can easily buy this smartphone. Body of this phone is made up

OPPO F9 6GB - Dashing Looks With Extra Speed!

Oppo F9 6GB

OPPO F9 6GB – Dashing Looks With Extra Speed! OPPO has finally revealed that F9 6GB is real and it will be the high end version of the basic variant which was whose expected price is already shown on many websites and now OPPO F9 6GB is talk of the town which has made many people crazy because unstoppable speed of 6 GB of RAM is really an amazing thing

OPPO R17 Pro - Pure and Secure!

Oppo R17 Pro

OPPO R17 Pro – Pure and Secure! OPPO is expanding business and R17 Pro is the new phone which is added to the family with tons of new features which includes a better AMOLED display from Samsung and smaller Notch. OPPO R17 Pro is gonna rank among the trending smartphone of this year because its chipset is also replaced with the latest Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710 chip. OPPO’s R17 Pro

Oppo F9

OPPO F9 – 5-Minutes Charge, 2-Hour Talk! Tech giant OPPO has launched F9, the most stylish & latest device of its kind. Rapidly advancing Chinese manufacturer is the first to launch a Flagship smartphone with Gorilla Glass 6 in the market. Who would have thought that? – Oppo F9 is one step ahead of the market leaders Samsung and Huawei. Corning confirmed that even before the launch that the device indeed

OPPO A3s - Bigger Battery, Dual Camera & Bigger Display!

Oppo A3s

OPPO A3s – Bigger Battery, Dual Camera & Bigger Display! House of OPPO has unveiled A3s which is going debut as successor to recently reveled phone which has the same name but the “S” word is missing from the name of that phone. OPPO A3s is speculated to the rebranded version of OPPO A5 but it is not yet clear that what is the true story behind the curtain but

OPPO A5 - Naughty With Notch!

Oppo A5

OPPO A5 – Naughty With Notch! You Know OPPO gonna launch A5 which is a successor to A3 which was unveiled some month before and now a new sibling of that phone is here to impress its audience with new colors and design. OPPO A5 has got new design but resolution of the display is reduced to 720 x 1520 pixel where screen to body ratio of 6.2 inch IPS

OPPO Find X - Edge To Edge Screen With Pop Up Selfie Cam! 

Oppo Find X

OPPO Find X – Edge To Edge Screen With Pop Up Selfie Cam!  OPPO has finally launched its Find X smart device globally with some awesome features to confront all of its rivals with head to head. OPPO Find 7 was the last flagship from this series but now OPPO Find X pop up as the next generation phone to compete in market where its rival is also introducing new ways to

OPPO F7 128GB - Click Pictures With Sensible Camera!

Oppo F7 128GB

OPPO F7 128GB – Click Pictures With Sensible Camera! OPPO changing its strategy and F7 128GB is part of their new strategy in which they are going to launch each of their phone with a change in memory department and in that case OPPO F7 128GB is going to launch just on the same day as the basic version of this phone will be revealed. So if your interested in

OPPO A83 4GB - Bigger Is Better!

Oppo A83 4GB

OPPO A83 4GB – Bigger Is Better! OPPO launch new phone named A83 4GB which is another variant with enhanced and better RAM as you can guess it from name that the next version is going to bring four gigabyte of RAM for OPPO A83 4GB which is going to improve the multi-tasking powers of this smartphone and there will be a better choice for some users who love to

OPPO F7 Youth- The Dream Of Narcissus!

Oppo F7 Youth

OPPO F7 Youth- The Dream Of Narcissus! OPPO has reputation and new F7 Youth is going to take it to whole new level. Quality of embedded cameras has become one of the main criteria for choosing a smartphone in these days and OPPO F7 Youth replaced its cameras module too to make itself capable to capture detailed and natural shots even in poor lighting. This Chinese brand decided to go

OPPO F7 - A New Selfie Expert With Notch! 

Oppo F7

OPPO F7 – A New Selfie Expert With Notch!  Next generation OPPO phone named F7 is on its way to launch in Pakistan soon so stay updated if you want to fall in love this next generation smartphone with modified looks and specifications. OPPO F7 seems to follow the Apple in its design because on the top side of the screen you will see the Notch that we have already

OPPO F5 Dashing Blue Limited Edition - Limited Special Package! 

Oppo F5 Limited Edition

OPPO F5 Dashing Blue Limited Edition - Limited Special Package!  OPPO is going launch the F5 Limited stock which is another Edition of this smartphone chromed in Dashing Blue color. To attract the buyers firms always try to do something new and this brand is playing with colors to get attraction. OPPO F5 Limited Edition is now available all across the Pakistan with in very reasonable price that you can easily afford. As you can see that it is tagged as Dashing Blue Limited Edition so there will be precise quantity of this device

OPPO F5 - Capture Your Best Shots With Selfie Expert! 

Oppo F5

OPPO F5 - Capture Your Best Shots With Selfie Expert!  Its True! OPPO is launching F5 which gonna be next flagship from this renowned brand. After a successful launch of F3 and F3 Plus this brand has decided that a successor like OPPO F5 is going to generate huge amount of revenue for the company and that’s why your are meeting with such an extraordinary smartphone with in our What’s New section. OPPO’s F5 is launching to takeover the Vivo V7 Plus that launched on 4th of October this

OPPO A71 2018 - Speedy Operatio

Oppo A71 2018

OPPO A71 2018 - Speedy Operation!  OPPO is launching budget friendly A71 2018 with AI capabilities which is quite trendy in on going time. Professional Photography is what most of smartphone users want in their smart phone and OPPO A71 2018 is giving them the chance to avail this choice to make their ordinary images look like a professional work and it is only possible if they will purchase the OPPO’s A71 2018 which is is going to launch tomorrow in

OPPO A83 - Another Mid-Ranger Is On Its Way! 

Oppo A83

OPPO A83 – Another Mid-Ranger Is On Its Way!  Right now OPPO concentrated on A83 that seems to be launch in next few days. In the past month F5 was launched to beat Huawei Mate 10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro but now we got OPPO A83 which is going to launch without any fear to get a competition which their flagship have to face. Still this phone has to compete with Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro from but it seems that OPPO’s A83 has

OPPO F5 6GB - Reveal Your Real Beauty With Selfie Master! 

Oppo F5 6GB

OPPO F5 6GB – Reveal Your Real Beauty With Selfie Master!  OPPO has officially announced that F5 6GB version is also coming which is going to be the most expensive device form this brand. This news spread like a fire in jungle that’s why its mandatory to reveal OPPO F5 6GB’s Youth specifications to the public. We got our hand on solid information that this phone is coming with blazing fast 6 GB of RAM and which is going to make F5 6GB’s multi-tasking super fast and

OPPO F5 Youth - Selfie With Modernized Selfie Cam! 

Oppo F5 Youth

OPPO F5 Youth – Selfie With Modernized Selfie Cam!  OPPO spreading its fragrance with F5 Youth which is the going to be the younger family member of this series and according to the prevailing news this phone is made because young people also want a OPPO F5 Youth version which is going to represent them in the smartphone world. Before this concept all devices were coming with a Plus variant or a Mini-variant but OPPO F5 Youth’s launch is going to set a new trend

OPPO A59 - Be First To Change Your Life! 

Oppo A59

OPPO A59 – Be First To Change Your Life!  Extraordinary marvelous OPPO proudly announce A59 with such an advancement that it draws everybody attention towards itself. Looks of this phone are so fabulous that nobody can deny it. Gold and rose gold colors add more beauty in OPPO A59 design. Now enjoy working with this latest device even in your office or outside from your office with latest built-in documents

OPPO R9S - God Speed! 

Oppo R9S

OPPO R9S – God Speed!  Entertain with OPPO new successor which is R9S. This device is powered with 2900 mAh powerful battery with super fast VOOC charging feature which has the potential to charge your phone’s battery just with in fifteen minutes. OPPO R9S is running on an up-to-date version of android operating system that is marshmallow 6.0 which give your phone a beautiful display on the start with its basic applications. OPPO’s R9S has

Oppo Find 9 - Rocket Phone With Rocket Speed! 

Oppo Find 9

Oppo Find 9 – Rocket Phone With Rocket Speed!  Oppo gave exposure to latest Find 9 with a whisper that it has 4 gigabytes random access memory which makes this phone only one of its kind. Now you can run advantageous application with Oppo Find 9 with boosted speed. Now with inspiring speed you have 5.5” QHD dual edge screen with super AMOLED 16 M display which will gives you

OPPO R11 - Balance In Every Detail! 

Oppo R11

OPPO R11 – Balance In Every Detail!  Rumor says OPPO will launch R11 with spectacular display and sharp metallic body. Recently Company has launched R9 that has generated huge amount of revenue that’s why Company take the decision to bring OPPO R11 to market with some modern technology tweaks to make this phone reliable. This Chines company worked hard to gain nation’s trust. According to insider information OPPO’s R11 is

OPPO F1 - Premium Design, Friendly Price!

Oppo F1

OPPO F1 – Premium Design, Friendly Price! Newly released OPPO Smartphone is F1, which is built exclusively for youngsters. The phone packs the most powerful Hexa Core processor running on equally powerful 616 snapdragon Chipset so that the users of OPPO F1 phone can have the best performance and battery life without any compromise. The design of the phone follows the tradition of its predecessors i.e. ultra thin bezels with

Oppo Mirror 5

OPPO Mirror 5 – A Spark of Brilliance! OPPO unveils shiny Mirror 5 with sparkling Diamond like Mirrored Surface. All of OPPO Mirror clan is worth true admiration, packing slim design and solid build but this one is simply out of this world with a fascinating rear panel design. OPPO Mirror 5 seems like a leading character of a complicated clandestine plot in a good way, intended to achieve some hidden goals by secret artifice. OR OPPO’s Mirror 5 may

Oppo F1s 4GB

OPPO F1s – Beauty That Worth To Buy!  Emerging Star OPPO has introduced F1s which is upgraded version of its predecessor. The upcoming flagship device has more space for accommodation of more then 1000 pictures. OPPO F1s has got 64 GB built-in storage which mean now storage capacity is doubled as compared to its previous model. Now you the gaming experience will be better in new OPPO’s F1s because it brings you

Oppo F3 Black

OPPO F3 Black – Black Is The New Boss!  OPPO has unveiled brand new F3 Black and it will be new attraction from this Chinese brand. Unveiling of this device happened in Lahore which is a city of Pakistan and with in few days OPPO F3 Black will be available all across the Pakistan. Mostly we saw their devices painted with white or rose gold colors but now they are

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