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The DxOMark Google Pixel 3a’s complete camera exam has just reached a rating of 100 overall. While the general rating of the iPhone XR and of pixel 3 was only one point behind, all three phones received the same photo rating of 103.

Here’s a reminder of the outstanding performance of all three systems at the end of the day. How a camera works with a numerical rating is hard to quantify. That said, let’s plunge into the Pixel 3a results of DxOMark closer.

For starters, with the exception of contrasting images, exposure was almost always a spotlight. The iPhone XR could keep the information a little easier in the dark.

The 3a color reproduction, like the Pixel 3, is pretty nice with a slight slant to warmer colors. This leads to a mildly pink / orange cast indoors and in low light, but DxOMark was not an issue. In comparison to pixel 3, on the other side, the 3a got an improved result in the DxOMark laboratory trials for natural color reproduction.

Google Pixel 3a

The Pixel 3a wasn’t as nice as 3 when it goes to image mode. In view of the quantity of bokes that were used between the shots. DxOMark discovered that 3a was not as compatible.

The quality affecting artifacts of image is how DxOMark retrieves marks from the rating. Although information are very nice in the center of the pixel 3a picture. Sharpness decreases when part of the picture is inspected towards screen edges. These problems include fantasy, color ringing and ringing.

In all lighting conditions, DxOMark only praised the auto-focusing speed of the Pixel 3a. “In addition you can be sure of first class autofocus results from pixel 3a as we have not found any focal defects during natural experiment scene photography.

Video tests demonstrated noticeable lower-light underexposure which affected the video rating of 3a.
HDR+ can do so much only for photography but not translate the technology into video in the same way.
Therefore, video testing, noise, devices and stability is somewhat less than silence.

Otherwise, “The 3a pixel is generally a video exposure device that can deliver precise target exposures and preserve the highlight details slightly better than the 3 pixel under lighting conditions.”


Google Pixel 3a


See the Source Link for the full Pixel 3a review of DxOMark’s camera.


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