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With its all-screen design and brand new A14 chip, the 2020 iPad Air is really getting people talking. And new benchmarks for the device suggest its performance is even more impressive than the latest iPad Pro.

The iPad Air is due for release this month.

The fans were expecting Apple iPhone 12 to e revealed, yet it was delayed. Even in the last month’s online event, it was not presented.

And now the brand new iPad Air went a long way to make up for it. With its all-screen design and brand new A14 chip, in some ways, the Air seems even more powerful than the iPad Pro. And new benchmarks for the 2020 Air won’t help the iPad Pro’s case.

The Geekbench scores, shared by a regular Apple leaker (below), are the first we’ve seen for Apple’s new A14 chip. Thanks to the delay to the iPhone 12, the iPad Air is the first to carry the new chip – and these results demonstrate a massive performance boost. Could the Air actually replace the Pro on the list?

The new iPad Air is very, very powerful. It seems strange for the iPad Air to feature a newer, faster processor than the iPad Pro released the same year, but hey, this is 2020 – strange things happen.

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