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The Sony Xperia 20’s design will remain almost unchanged. The first difference between the Xperia 10 and the fingerprint reader is that the Power key is reassembled (instance reports of yesterday’s Xperia 2, showing that the next flagship is distinct).
That being said, the five-headed top lily remains, and in a market where full screen designs in the middle range can be found, it is actually out of place. The Xperia 20 will remain on the 6 “21:9 display with a display of 1080p+ based on a latest spill.
That being said, the top five lighthouse remains and looks out of place in a market with full-screen designs in the middle. The Xperia 20 will stick to the screen 6 “21:9 with 1080p+ resolution, according to a latest leak.
We see the identifiable dual camera stick around the rear, which is supposed to be two 12MP sensors. In the second cam there’s an ultra-wide or a photosensor, which is either a large upgrade over the Xperia 10’s visibility detector.

You can nevertheless see that the 3.5-mm headphone box (it is on the top) has been preserved. In addition, according to the previous rumour, the processing power is upgraded from the Snapdragon 710 (4/6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB memory) to the 600-series chipset.

OnLeaks published the following renders of the Sony Xperia 20, the design matches perfectly (for better or for worse).

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