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Since it was placed on the US Entity List, Huawei has been facing a difficult period with some of its main competitors such as Qualcomm. Steve Mollenkopf stated that his business had started its business with Huawei in its fresh growth. Qualcomm also seeks to obtain a long-term production agreement with the Huawei, according to Mollenkopf, but has not disclosed which parts are being marketed.

The Department of Commerce in the United States announced in July that it would start granting unique permits to firms who want to maintain their company relationships with Huawei. One of the key aspects was that American firms are permitted to buy only parts that are commonly accessible, a class that involves portable chipsets.

The fresh expansion of the provisional trade license agreement with US firms by 90 days was given to Huawei in August. More than 130 US businesses submitted unique licences later that month accounts stated.


Huawei depends still on Qualcomm for a large section of its systems despite generating its own number of chipsets. Huawei alone invested an approximately 11 billion on trading with US businesses including Qualcomm, Intel and Micron in 2018. It was revealed.


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