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A message From Huawei Regarding Google’s announcements

Official message came Across from Huawei to its users regarding announcements of Google. It is the First official Message From Huawei about the recent announcements By Google . President Donald Trump Banned the Chinese Giant Huawei due to security risk, Google banned their services as well.  This Was all done due to Allegation of National Security Breach By America. Allegation was that , Chinese Company is leaking information to Chinese

Huawei ban Delays for 90 Days, Google License temporarily renewed

America has delayed the ban of Huawei by 90 days and the android License is temporarily renewed for 90 days. In this period of time Huawei will purchase American made goods to maintain existing networks and software updates to existing handsets.However the company is not allowed to buy American parts to manufacture new product without license approval. While the Approval license will most probably be denied by the authorities. The

Huawei banned From Using Android Support , A security risk ?

American President Donald Trump just signed an executive order to Block US companies from having business ties with the companies or people because that are considered a National security risk By American Govt. The Result of it is taking effect, As google has suspended part support with a Chinese Giant Huawei.   This Simply means that Huawei Phone can lose access to google updates of all types. In Future Huawei

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