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Oppo officially announced that open beta Colored 6 for Oppo Find X is available today. In addition to the redesigned views and the new Oppo San system font, early adopters can try out all the new features such as better background management, new night view 2.0 camera mode.

The better Breeno voice assistant is another innovation that can now react to object and screen recognition scenarios for a more personalized experience.
Management of the system process also received precious support in master teaching, which will settle applications in the context rather than close them. The device also analyzes device interaction to understand and enhance efficiency in your utilization habits.
Oppo Find X

For enhanced low light images, stronger luminosity and less distortion, the camera will profit from the fresh Night View 2.0.
The procedure incorporates seven pictures into one that leads to sharper pictures with fewer noise and better information.
The new Game Boost 2.0 provides image and tap to enhance smoother play and improves reactivity.

Find X holders can use the Settings-> Software Update-> Upgrade Early Adoption to pre their firmware to ColorOS 6 version alpha. This could not be a good idea for your regular car device, however, as these premature versions usually have several bugs.

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