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This is obviously a very strange leak right off the bat. The LG chipset is not just out of the tablet for over two years, but at this point the Snapdragon 821 chipset just seems to be too old. This being said, there is a widespread use of references to the G Pad 5 and also to the LM-T600 or TF10 code name.

The RRA certification in South Korea has been granted to LM-T600L (or LMT600L). Most importantly, a recent kernel source code upload entry on LG’s own servers also showed the same model number. Originally referred to as LMT600, LMT600L and LMT600US, the site has now strangely been absent. This might be an indication of the continued question of a US version.
It can be with two different battery variants,6,000mAh and 8,200mAh.

The G Pad 5 was also Google Play certified, showing several other important details. The tablet also supports the LTE and fingerprint hardware, and has no NFC, most notably-a 10.1-inch 1920 da1200 (16:10) display and Androïd 9.0 Pie OS. With regard to the Snapdragon 821 bit, the kernel source files are provided courtesy. The 3-year-old chip is apparently coupled with RAM 4 GB and internal storage 32 GB. On one of the models G Pad 5 at least.

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