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Camera night mode crashes on some of Galaxy S9/Note 9 devices.

Recently Samsung has introduced its camera night mode to the Galaxy S9 and Note9 family, but it is not easy to sail with these phones. Some disappointed holders have removed the camera phone crash online forums such as XDA developers and have not saved photos made in this way. Only a “failed camera” is thrown in by the phone and called a day.

This does not seem to influence every proprietor of S9 or Note9 to be completely obvious, and not everybody is influenced by this. Some report that the camera app doesn’t shoot at night mode more than 90% of the time and others don’t.
Camera night mode Galaxy S9/Note 9
A feasible provisional solution seems to set the aspect ratio for your pictures to 16:9 rather than 4:3.
However , you may not want your pictures to run out like this, as 16:9 pictures are 9.1, opposed with 12 MPs for 4:3.  The result is that you also loose your perspective.
I hope Samsung will quickly reach the top of this and renew it so that the accidents will be corrected.
There is currently no reason for this strange behavior, but if you don’t keep your phone still while photographing a morning function – or even if you’re traveling with stuff you shoot, you will find a ‘ camera unsuccessful ‘ mistake simpler to activate. Such circumstances lead to blurred pictures.


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