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Huawei revealed formally that they are collaborating on a mapping service of their own in order to decrease their dependence on Google services after the US prohibition. The company currently has no special approval to use US technologies. As it turns out, GoogleMaps in its overseas phones can not always be used by Huawei.

Here’s where the mapping service Huawei, known as the Map Kit. It acts as an API for third-party software developers.
The map kit can collect data from 150 nations and areas throughout the world. While Huawei is new to mapping, its telecommunications ground facilities in more than 150 nations will assist quickly and easily create the network.

mapping service

Map kit can help sophisticated characteristics such as a vehicle shifting routes, increased realistic addresses while tracking and real-time traffic information, tells Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group.
Map Kit is accessible in 40 languages, which will increase appeal originally.

So later We’ll learn more about the project.


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