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The AI motor of Google Photos and the capability to look for particular colors, livestock and facial expressions through items in your pictures were recognized. Now you’re learning a new trick-you can search for text in your images. It will not only provide you with that but it will also be plainly edited.

You can currently go to your Google Photos application and sort a screenshot or picture of any document you understand. If you want to print it, simply press the Lens key below and the phrases for copying / copying are outlined. Our knowledge with handwritten notes however demonstrates that Google fights with both cursive and lesser-known phrases and abbreviations.

Google Photos

The search-by-text function also works for your browser, but for obvious reasons you can’t use Lens. It also has difficulties with wavy phrases and international signs, so you should keep to colored texts and well known fonts for now.

A quick experiment showed that Google Engine can recognize a Nissan on the road and that it can not handle an invite with the term “nissan.”


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