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Calme Spark S33 - Turn Ideas into Reality

Calme Spark S33

Calme Spark S33 – Turn Ideas into Reality Not only cool compact and stylish, Calme is also affordable, the hot new Spark S30 Smartphone is a great looking mobile handset with a large 5.0 Multi-Touch IPS FWVGA Screen with an effective Dual-Core 1.2GHz processor. Calme equipped latest addition Spark S33 with the latest Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, 512MB RAM, and unlike other spark members a durable long-lasting battery

Calme Spark S20 - Live a sparkling Life!

Calme Spark S20

Calme Spark S20 – Live a sparkling Life! Welcoming the winters, Calme introduces new Spark S20 to provide you an ideal Smartphone that you would want to have as your preferred gadget. Calme Spark S20 is designed with unique features that makes it an unforgettable happening for you. It’s pertaining to friendlies is awesome and is perfectly easy to use. With Calme Spark S20’s quad core 1.5GHz processor, the handset is fast as a flash. It runs on the popular Android OS, having the not so

Mobilink Jazz X JS7 Pro - Stay Connected With 3G HSPA Technology!

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS7 Pro

Mobilink Jazz X JS7 Pro – Stay Connected With 3G HSPA Technology! Mobilink is going to upgrade Jazz X series and now they launched JS7 Pro with 3G HSPA technology. Now they are upgrading their smartphones according to the modern era needs. Specification of device revealed that Mobilink Jazz X JS7 Pro is equipped with 5.0 inches capacitive display. Touchscreen also support 16M colors and multi-touch to improve the display of phone. Sharp display from every corner of Mobilink’s Jazz X JS7 provide better viewing angles and improved picture quality as

Mobilink Jazz X JS10

Mobilink Jazz X JS10

Offer Details: Jazz Offer 300 MBs 3G internet* Rs 300 free balance* Unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp for 3 months. *Free MBs and balance will be posted in 3 monthly installments of 100 MBs & Rs 100 respectively. Availability Nationwide Mobile Market, Jazz Experience Centers and Franchises Customer has to insert SIM card in SIM-1 Slot and dial USSD *825# to activate bundle offer (USSD string is also mentioned on handset

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS700

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS700

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS700 – Made For 3G! Mobilink unveils flagship 3g device Jazz Xplore packed with all android features. JS700 smart handheld device is set to provide users with experience of fastest 3G internet service in the market without compromising on quality in the cheapest rate in market. Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS700 is set to provide users with all the amazing features including Android 4.4 kitkat that comes with dual window functionality and smooth scrolling along with tons of VAS. The new Mobilink’s Jazz Xplore JS700

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS500 - Affordable 3G in your pocket!

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS500

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS500 – Affordable 3G in your pocket! Mobilink introduces the mid ranger 3G Jazz Xplore smartphone targeting the students. The JS500 comes with the best internet experience in Pakistan as it comes with 4 months free internet and 800RS balance out-of-the-box. Dual core 1.0GHz processor can be found inside the Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS500, all set to provide users with the best android web surfing experience without any lags but the Mediatek chipset limits the phone from heavy application rendering. Users of Mobilink’s

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300 - The 3G at your budget!

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300 – The 3G at your budget! Mobilink Launches a new 3G Jazz Xplore hand-held device, the new phone JS300 is the cheapest 3G smartphone in the market till date. To provide users with amazingly fast 3G internet service at the lowest rates in the history ever, Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300 comes with the compromised specs sheet that shows a old MediaTek chipset which makes the phone

Mobilink Jazz Xcite JF100 - To Xcite The 3G fun in You!

Mobilink Jazz Xcite JF100

Mobilink Jazz Xcite JF100 – To Xcite The 3G fun in You! Mobilink initiates bar phones with Jazz Xcite phones, the first model is JF100 and its specifications sheet is quite promising as the phone comes prepared for every event and every situation being thrown at it. Equipped with blazing fast 3G internet service, MobilinkJazz Xcite JF100 is one of few bar phones to offer 3G connectivity out of the box in bar phone category. It also equips a great Bluetooth module for transfer of data and FM radio for

Voice Xtreme V90 - Smart People Make Smart Choices!

Voice Xtreme V90

Voice Xtreme V90 – Smart People Make Smart Choices! Introducing Voice Xtreme V90, an organic union of power, elegance, performance and ease of use. The all new android smartphone Xtreme V90 by Voice will make your everyday communication brighter allowing you to work more productively. 1.5 GHz Turbo Quad Core processor of Voice’s Xtreme V90 injects power and performance to your busy life, automating the work into sheer fun. Voice V90

GFive President Tango 7 - Rotate Your Style!

GFive President Tango 7

GFive President Tango 7 - Rotate Your Style! Presenting GFive President Tango 7, clearly Inspired by the famous Oppo N1, Pakistanis have just got the chance to experience the surprising GFive President Tango. Quite peculiarly the first thing you are going to notice is it’s camera, Loaded with a 13MP camera that can rotate at 207 degrees, GFive President Tango 7’s photographic capabilities related to the selfies are limitless. Secondly if you are a geek you are certainly going to notice the Hexa-core processor. GFive Tango 7 is a large phablet with a

GRight View X X1 - Get The View Of The Future!

GRight VIEW X X1

GRight View X X1 – Get The View Of The Future! GRight New Smartphone View X X1 is an excellent model for business people having a strong body and a powerful battery. GRight View X X1 you will always be sure that your smartphone would always be there for you on long personal ventures and business trips. GRight’s View X X1 has a quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, so you can install any application or game. GRight View X1 has 32GB of internal memory for storing all kinds of content no

GRight Inspire A480 - The World is yours to Inspire

GRight Inspire A480

GRight Inspire A480 – The World is yours to Inspire GRight proudly presents Inspire A480 to accelerate the pace of your life, so that you can take full control. GRight Inspire A480 lets you multitask in a different way, A stunning 5.0 inches screen for your favorite entertainment plus a Quad-Core processor puts you in the driver’s seat. 13MP Camera of GRight Inspire A48 captures all the fun, the face detector feature gives every face its best chance to shine camera automatically


GRight Inspire A380 Mini

Gright inspire A380 mini – Powerfull can be Small Presenting the latest, Gright inspire A380 mini. A new Ultra Slim SmartPhone in a consumer reachable price and a mini version to it’s successor Gright inspire A380. This new Smartphone has all the latest features including 3G support, enabling you to experience the highest internet speed on Gright’s inspire A380 mini. With 3G you can enjoy the high quality video streaming


Club Hello 101

Club Hello 101 – Be The Ace of Your Club Here comes the dream phone! Club mobile proudly reveals Hello 101 for a productive and most durable smartphone solutions in your hectic and overwhelmingly busy life. Club Hello 101 is a great smartphone for productive work, which will not allow you to get distracted by the repeated charging over and over again. Club Hello equipped this model with an enormous battery having a capacity of 1950 mAh. 101 has a Powerful 1.2 GHz Quad-Core

Club Hello 105

Club Hello 105

Club Hello 105 - Unmatched Performance Machine. Surpassing all odds, Club launches new Hello 105 a tech treasure chest stuffed with all the things you envy and love to do most! Club Hello 105 has ample opportunity to share content and is equipped with a battery with longer work life. Club Hello 105 is running on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and has a 5.0 inch QHD IPS screen that assures High Resolution video and images. Thanks to Club Hello 105’s Wi-Fi Cast,

iNew U9 Plus - Treat For Budget Users!

iNew U9 Plus

iNew U9 Plus – Treat For Budget Users! iNew a Chines Company launched U9 Plus that is economical android base device. Now low budget android lovers will enjoy the 6.0 inches high definition 720p display with 2.5D contoured glass on top of iNew U9 Plus screen. This device is packed with powerful MediaTek MT6735A quad-core chipset that clocked at 1.3 GHz. Along with such speed, iNew’s U9 Plus has 2GB

iNEW L1 - Born to be Unique

iNew L1

iNEW L1 – Born to be Unique New Brand iNew introduces handheld L1 in Pakistani market. Aim of company is to target android market with premium class handhelds and although company is new, the handhelds are receiving great response. iNew L1 is built with silver metal frame having a thickness of just 6.3mm, making it one of the slimmest smartphones available locally. Equipped with OSD IPS 5.3inch HD Display and

iNew L3 - Slim design, Better appeal!

iNew L3

iNew L3 – Slim design, Better appeal! Blazingly fast, iNew introduces thin L3 smart handheld device that will put other competitors at risk as the new Smartphone equips a powerful Mediatek chipset along with thin design appeal and a lower price tag. iNew L3 is designed in such a way that its body size is just 7.1mm thick and holds weight under 130 grams. Equipped all new Lollipop OS that

iNew V1 - So Young, So Colorful

iNew V1

iNew V1 – So Young, So Colorful In Market, iNew has released V1, a phone targeted towards young generation while packing all the necessary smartphone features. The phone explains brightness and liveliness with its neat design and colorful display. iNew V1 is equipped with MediaTek chipset that powers a Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz so that everyone can enjoy quad core features in lowest price. iNew’s V1 comes with 1GB

iNew U1 - Colorful and Dazzling 

iNew U1

iNew U1 – Colorful and Dazzling  This time iNew releases budget U1, a phone built with optimized chipset and boosted features specifically for low end users. To tackle applications and multiple programs, company has embedded iNew U1 with a Dual-core 1.0GHz powerful processor and to keep system running while consuming lesser amount of RAM and power, Android Kitkat is implanted in iNew’s U1. It has traditional budget design but comes

iNew V8 Plus – Beautiful Silver Lines!

iNew V8 Plus

iNew V8 Plus – Beautiful Silver Lines! iNew unveils premium V8 Plus phone an upgrade to previous version that runs on android Kitkat and performs even faster with its Octa-core Processor. Built with precision, the new iNew V8 Plus features a powerful rotatable camera built with Sony CMOS version 2 13MP lens that can take perfect photographic shots in every light condition. iNew V8 Plus’s body is thin metallic with

Whats New iNew V3c – Slim, Smart and Universal!

iNew V3C

Whats New iNew V3c – Slim, Smart and Universal! This time iNew has released V3c, a phone equipped with full support for 24 languages making it fully compatible in every part of the world not only this, the phone comes with ultra fast processor and universal 3G support as well. iNew V3c comes with ultra thin design that limits its body to 5.6mm thickness. Its weight is measured at 128

iNew I6000 Advanced

iNew I6000 Advanced

iNew I6000 Advanced – Large, Different  iNew hits Phablet market with I6000 Advanced, a massive display phone that combines next generation technology and phablet computing in a slim plastic design. iNew I6000 Advanced packs 6.5 inch HD IPS display which is designed especially for wide angle viewing as it provides sharp viewing at 178° degrees as well. Equipped with Android 4.2.1, the new iNew’s I6000 Advanced runs on MediaTek 6589T chipset. The chipset embeds Quad-core 1.5GHz processor along with 2GB DDR3 RAM so that

BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650 – Heavy On The Entertainment. With BlackBerry Bold 9650 you can keep your song selection fresh on long adventures by downloading full tracks. You will never have a dull moment by using BlackBerry Bold 9650 because it has ample space for all your favorite videos. Blaze your own trail with BlackBerry Bold 9650 knowing that the internal GPS and BlackBerry Maps will get you to your destination. With BlackBerry

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 – Touch. Type. Together. Sleek and thin, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone iconic design, complete with stainless steel frame body and sculpted surfaces, makes this the lightest BlackBerry to date. With a full touch screen and the iconic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard you can easily work on your BlackBerry Bold 9900 around apps, websites & messages, The fastest & most powerful BlackBerry experience yet, The BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780 – Professional Priorities. BlackBerry Bold 9780 integrate up to 10 email accounts into one easy-to-access place which means you can conduct business almost anywhere. Open apps are always connected on your BlackBerry Bold 9780 so you can easily switch back and forth. In BlackBerry Bold 9780 there’s a new application switcher that makes jumping between apps even faster. BlackBerry Bold 9780 power your connections anywhere there’s 3G coverage,

BlackBerry Curve 9380

BlackBerry Curve 9380 – Not What You’d Expect. After playing it cool for a few years BlackBerry decided that there’s something to this touchscreen phone lark after all, releasing a budget all-touch device in the shape of the BlackBerry Curve 9380. Instead of the nippy 1.2 GHz processor BlackBerry Curve 9380 ticks along at 806MHz though there’s a reasonable 512MB of RAM for multitasking. The BlackBerry Curve 9380’s screen is nice & bright

BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry Torch 9860 – Multimedia marvel BlackBerry Torch 9860 have the power to perform. Featuring the new BlackBerry 7 OS, Liquid Graphics touch technology & BBM 6, your photos, videos, games and apps come to life in incredible detail on the large screen of BlackBerry Torch 9860. A spectacular 3.7″  touch screen is the largest on a BlackBerry yet. BlackBerry Torch 9860 boasts millions of colors for a stunning viewing

BlackBerry Bold 9790

BlackBerry Bold 9790 – Bold & The Budget. Typing is as easy as QWERTY, BlackBerry Bold 9790 features everything BlackBerry is known for, The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is powered by a different processor and HD video is one of the first things scrapped, BlackBerry Bold 9790 has what’s probably the best BlackBerry still camera to date. BlackBerry Bold 9790 is part of the premium Bold line but comes across as more

BlackBerry Bold 9700

BlackBerry Bold 9700 – New Generation Smart Phone. The default trackball of BlackBerry phones is replaced with the optical trackball onBlackBerry Bold 9700, The screen of BlackBerry Bold 9700 offers vibrant colors and appears as if they’re floating on top of the display. The Blackberry Bold 9700 keyboard is a blend of the Bold and the Tour keyboards. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 browser has been improved with Javascript support. Every

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