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The sleek Oppo R5

Oppo sees potential for high-end phones in emerging markets

Despite phone makers flooding the market with cheap devices, Chinese company Oppo believes there’s potential in higher-end handsets, even in emerging markets. Chinese phone maker Oppo may not have the global brand recognition of its compatriot Xiaomi, but the company is working on it. Oppo recently held the launch event for its new N3 and R5 smartphones in Singapore, flying in partners, distributors and journalists from 16 different markets. It’s a different approach from

The sleek Oppo R5

A Chinese Startup Just Made The Thinnest Smartphone In The World, And It Looks Gorgeous

The iPhone 6 looks chubby compared to this startup’s new Android phone. China-based Oppo recently unveiled its new R5 smartphone, which is more than two millimeters thinner than Apple’s iPhone 6. The sleek Oppo R5 measures just 4.85mm thin, compared to the 6.9mm iPhone 6. It’s the thinnest smartphone in the world, and it’s even too slim to fit a traditional headphone jack. You’ll need to use Oppo’s special adapter,

Handing with OPPO R5

The R5’s most standout characteristic is its asymmetric design. Generally, phone frames have symmetrically rounded corners for both aesthetic and ergonomic reasons. This approach, however, was not suitable for the OPPO R5’s 4.85mm ultra-thin frame. Each corner of the R5’s frame has two curves that are the same diameter but are different heights (in contrast with commonly used symmetrical curves), with the upper curve being slightly longer than the lower

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